Learning Science Researcher, Bror Saxberg Joins Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

Learning Science Researcher, Bror Saxberg Joins Chan Zuckerberg Initiative
Bror Saxberg

The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative said today that Dr. Bror Saxberg will join the organization to “lead our efforts to improve and accelerate the use of learning science and ‘learning engineering.’” Saxberg had previously been Chief Learning Officer at Kaplan Inc.

Saxberg is widely known through education for his work on the science of learning—namely, research and development that aims to bring an analytical approach to understanding what shapes learning.

Four years ago, Saxberg jointly wrote a book with educator and political scientist, Rick Hess, on how to integrate learning science and technology into better decisions and policies about learning. Called “Breakthrough Leadership in the Digital Age: Using Science to Reboot Learning,” the book emphasizes the need for “learning engineers,” their term for people who take a more systematic approach to understanding how we learn and putting those ideas into practice. (Here’s a piece he shared with EdSurge on the need for these roles.)

Jim Shelton, who leads CZI’s education program, announced the move on Facebook. “I couldn’t be more pleased”, he wrote. “By advancing and connecting cutting edge science with world-class design and engineering, we believe we can better enable researchers, empower educators, and help all young people achieve their dreams.”

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